USTA Spring Jr. Team Tennis


USTA SPRING JR. TEAM TENNIS 2018: February 23 - April 8

Winners of the Spring Junior Team Tennis League:

10U Beginner - GI - Brandilyn Johnson
12U Beginner - CCC - Christy Lynch/Maggie Dickinson
14U Beginner - CCC- Pinki Shah
14U Intermediate - CCC - Marie Arnold

Good luck at the Georgia State Championships in Macon on July 19 - 22.

Players ages 10-18  are introduced to competitive team tennis.  Teams are grouped based on age and NTRP ability levels 1.5 - 4.0.  Flights are 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U and levels are beginner (1.0-2.7), intermediate (2.8-3.4) and advanced (3.5 and up).  The program focuses on fun, fitness and the social benefits of tennis. Awards are given for first and second place teams in each division. There will be an awards ceremony and party at the end of the season.  

This program offers team practices and match play.  Team tennis matches will be played Sundays 2:30-4:00 and/or 4:00-5:30 and/or Fridays 4:30-6:00. Other days may be added, depending on number of teams in each level.  Matches will be played at Cooper Creek Tennis Center, facilities which have USTA Junior Team Tennis teams and other sites.

Register as a team with a team number OR register on a CORTA team by age and skill level using the numbers below. Each team must have at least 6 players, preferable 8 players.  

CORTA Team Numbers:

10U Beginner - 7034344955
10U Intermediate - 7034344956
12U Beginner - 7034344949
12U Intermediate - 7034344950

14U Beginner - 
14U Intermediate - 
18U Beginner - 
18U Intermediate - 7034344954

Each player must be a USTA member to register for USTA Jr. Team Tennis and is responsible for their USTA membership.  You can acquire a membership at or call 1-800-990-8782.  Membership for a junior is $20.00 yearly.  First time members that are 10 and under can register for a free membership - use code FYFE.

USTA has provided a discount renewal code for FYF members to renew at $10 as opposed to $20. This is an opportunity to keep an incentivize FYF members to stay members and keep playing.

Important Changes for 2018 Spring season:


The JNTRP ratings will be used for the 12U - 18U players.  Players that have 4 matches in JTT or tournaments will have generated a rating. Players with no rating will be required to self rate. 
Any player with a JNTRP rating of 2.8 and above cannot play beginner. The 10U division will not require use of ratings, thus players witha a 1-100 Southern Standing in the 10's as of the end of July 2017 and who are playing in the 10's must play Advanced. If a 10U player has played up in the 12's and has a JNTRP rating of 3.5 or above the player must play Advanced. 10U players with more than 170 points on the posted Geogia standing list as of the end of July 2017 may not play at the beginner level. Point totals shall include both singles and doubles division from which points were acquired. Points earned due to defaults will not be considerwd and may be deducted if noted in writing to the State League Coordinator.
For more information on Junior Ratings click here
To self rate, click here
USTA Southern Standings Search for the 10U Division
For a complete list of players who are not eligible to play Beginner, click here
For more information on Junior Team Tennis, click here

Membership Process:
- USTA has created a new process for players registering for a team to be in compliance with current child protection laws. All players must now be linked to a parent/guardian account. If you are renewing a USTA junior membership, you will be required to link the number to the parent/guardian. 
- Active (TennisLink) created this step-by step process to guide parents in creating player accounts:
Click here:   
- If you have any problems please contact

Want to Become a Captain in Junior Team Tennis?  All captains must complete the Safe Play Process which is now done through Net Generation.  Click here to start the process!  

For more help with rating your players to determine the level of play, go to Captains Corner - How to Rate a Player.  

Captains: Click below to download a copy of the Spring 2018 Jr. Team Tennis Handbook: 

  Spring 2018 Jr. Team Tennis Handbook (Available on Monday, January 15th)

  • Registration fee: $30.00
  • Registration begins on TennisLink:
    Click here to register for a team (use team numbers listed above if you do not have a team number).
  • Deadline to form a team: Friday, February 16
  • Captain's Meeting: Wednesday, February 21 at 5:00 pm in the CORTA Hospitality Room
  • League play begins: FRIDAY, February 23th 
  • Awards Celebration: TBA

All participants are responsible for adhering to the CORTA Code of Conduct.

Deadline to drop from teams is Sunday March 5th

For more information about USTA Jr. Team Tennis, contact or 706-317-4136 ext. 206.

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All participants are responsible for adhering to the CORTA Code of Conduct.